Good question!

There's lots of advice out there. We're not here to give more.

We don't judge, condemn or criticize.
(Unless we're calling out shady practices you should know about.)

We're not asking you to eat healthy, lose weight or give up on your favorite foods.

We're just here to be your Pal, with a particular interest in your Pantry.

  • We reorganize and redesign food and beverage info that we think should be more interesting and engaging
  • We share the stories behind food and beverage brands that care about more than their profits
  • We're building a platform for community-driven product discovery that stands outside of commerce


  • Shopping for food and beverage has become the ultimate paradox of choice
  • We believe knowing the stories behind products make buying them feel better
  • We see real people working hard to make change, and we think you should know about them sooner

For now, we send a weekly email covering the stories behind products and brands that we think matter.

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